我(wo)(wo)公司收集的资料可能(neng)包(bao)括用户来自何路径(不论该路径是否在(zai)我(wo)(wo)公司网(wang)站或(huo)软件)、用户的浏览(lan)器向我(wo)(wo)公司网(wang)站发送的资料,以及用户的 IP 地址(zhi)。在(zai)用户向我(wo)(wo)公司提(ti)交反(fan)馈(kui)时,用户可以自主决定是否填写(xie)联系(xi)方式,该联系(xi)方式类型不限,可能(neng)被(bei)用于(yu)旨在(zai)了解(jie)或(huo)解(jie)决用户提(ti)交的问题的回(hui)访或(huo)反(fan)馈(kui)。













Privacy Statement


First, how you should protect your identification information


You can become the registered user to use our product and service by verifying your phone number (mailbox) and password, which will be the proof of identification. Users should be liable for all uses of this proof of identification while using company's products or services and be responsible for all the actions. The company recommends that you shall never disclose your password to any third party.  Once the password is known by others, you may lose your identification information and data saved on our server. Therefore, your mobile phone number (mailbox) and password should be properly kept. If the identification information is disclosed or lost due to users own causes, we are not responsible for any of this or any of the consequences it caused.


Second, in what way we will collect your information


The information we collect may include the path you come from (regardless of whether the path is on our website or from our software), the information your browser may send to our website, as well as your IP address. When submitting feedback to the company, you can decide whether to fill in the contact information or not, of which the type is not limited. We use it only when we need to know more about your problem or when we are going to help you to solve your problems.


Third, how we use and protect your information


We will not disclose, sell or rent any of your personal information to any third party. We may use the information provided by you to inform you about the news of our products and services or about new products and so on.


Fourth, Security


User information is stored in our servers. User data security is the foundation of our credibility. We apply industry standards to protect privacy of your personal data. If you have any question about our protection of personal information, please contact us. We are entitled to modify this privacy policy at any time in order to keep accordance with the national laws or the industry’s regulations and to fulfill the needs of business development of the company.



The Commercial Press Ltd.

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